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+ APH: Wy-chan + by Serket-XXI

Ah, I haven't done a critique in ages. Well, why not do one now? :)

First off, I absolutely love the color scheme. It looks so light and it makes me feel all warm and fluffy on the inside! You chose really good colors for the highlights and shadows and the way you placed the values are really well done!

So, to start on things you can improve on. I don't really see much, just basic proportions - the head is a bit too big for the body. Also, the lineart - it's a bit on the shaky side. I myself have used Adobe Photoshop and there are a few tricks on making the most flawless lineart out there. I would highly recommend using the pen tool instead. (Here's a wonderful tutorial that helped me out a lot: [link])
Another thing is your light source. Where is it coming from? It's really difficult to see and because of the blank background it feels a bit overwhelming.

Either way, great job. I hope this critique helps you make more beautiful artwork :heart:
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